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Embark on an interstellar crafting journey with the 4M 3D...

20.49 tax included

Transform your room into a cosmic getaway with the 4M...

12.99 tax included

Unleash creativity on the racetrack with the 4M KidzLabs Mould...

10.99 tax included

Explore the vastness of space with the 4M KidzLabs Solar...

12.99 tax included

Explore the universe with the Earth-Moon Model Making Kit:
  • Discover...

13.99 tax included

Build your own Dominobot with KidzRobotix:
  • Automated domino stacking robot
  • ...

18.99 tax included

Build your own Motorised Barrier Gate with KidzLabs:
  • Robotic barrier...

22.99 tax included

Discover the science of bubbles with the Bubble Making Science...

13.99 tax included

Discover the Stegosaurus with Dig a Stegosaurus Skeleton Kit:
  • Excavate...

12.99 tax included

Explore the world of insects with the Creepy Crawly Digging...

18.99 tax included

Explore the marvels of our solar system with the Motorised...

19.99 tax included

Discover meteorology with the Weather Station - Green Science kit....

12.99 tax included

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