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Bubble Making Science Kit

13.99 tax included

Discover the science of bubbles with the Bubble Making Science Kit:

  • Variety of experiments: unbreakable bubbles, giant bubbles, and more
  • Environmentally friendly and educational
  • Stimulates learning in science, technology, and concentration
  • Ideal for kids aged 5 and up
  • Blow giant bubbles and learn to freeze them for hours of fun

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Dive into the fascinating world of bubbles with the Bubble Making Science Kit! This kit offers a variety of experiments that allow children and adults alike to explore the science behind bubbles. Create an unbreakable bubble, gigantic bubbles, and even a film inside a bubble. This environmentally friendly science kit includes a variety of bubble-making frames to experiment with different shapes and sizes of bubbles.

Not only does the kit provide endless fun, but it also stimulates learning in science, technology, and concentration, while contributing to overall sensory and cognitive development. The Bubble Making Science Kit is perfect for kids aged 5 and up, encouraging curiosity and exploration in the fascinating world of bubbles.

Watch as the beauty of bubble geometry comes to life, and even experience the magic of blowing giant bubbles that can reach over 1 meter in diameter! And that’s not all – learn how to freeze the bubbles to make them last for hours, adding an extra layer of excitement and discovery to the bubble-making adventure.


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