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Dig a Mammoth Skeleton Kit

12.99 tax included

Uncover the past with the Dig a Mammoth Skeleton Kit! Excavate, assemble and learn with this engaging STEAM toy for kids 5+. Includes a 21 cm long mammoth skeleton and a display platform with fun facts.

Full detailed instructions included.

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Embark on a thrilling journey back in time with the Dig a Mammoth Skeleton Kit, designed specifically for curious minds aged 5 and above. As young paleontologists-in-the-making, participants are given the unique opportunity to excavate and piece together the skeleton of an enigmatic prehistoric creature – the mammoth. This comprehensive kit provides a hands-on experience in paleontology, fostering a deep appreciation for ancient life and the skills required to uncover it. Upon completion, the mammoth skeleton measures approximately 21 cm in length, proudly displayed on an included cardboard platform adorned with fun facts about this colossal creature. Beyond the excitement of excavation, this STEAM toy also enhances hand-eye coordination, patience, and a keen interest in archaeological science. A delightful addition to any young explorer’s collection, the Dig a Mammoth Skeleton Kit invites children to dive into the world of ancient wonders and unearth secrets from a time long past.


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