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Dig a Triceratops Skeleton Kit

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Unearth the past with the Dig a Triceratops Skeleton kit! Dive into paleontology, extract bones from stone, and assemble a 20 cm-long skeleton. Perfect for young scientists aged 5+.

Full detailed instructions included.

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Ignite innate curiosity in young minds with the Dig a Triceratops Skeleton kit, where the wonders of the past come to life. This unique science set transports children to a world of prehistoric exploration, challenging them to carefully extract the intricate bones of  Triceratops from embedded stone. As they meticulously uncover each piece, they can then reconstruct an impressive 20cm-long skeleton, experiencing firsthand the thrill of a paleontologist’s discovery. Beyond just an entertaining activity, this kit fosters patience, dexterity, and a deeper appreciation for the mysteries of our planet’s history. It’s a STEAM experience that perfectly blends hands-on learning with the excitement of scientific discovery.


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