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Dig a Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Kit

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Dive into the prehistoric era with the Dig a Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Kit by 4M. Excavate an intricate T-Rex skeleton, enhance paleontological skills, and uncover the wonders of ancient creatures. Ideal for aspiring paleontologists and curious minds.

Full detailed instructions included.

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Step back in time and delve deep into the captivating world of paleontology with the Dig a Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Kit by 4M. Crafted for enthusiastic learners, this immersive kit allows participants to adopt the role of a dedicated paleontologist. Embedded within a quality plaster block lies the hidden skeleton of the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, waiting to be meticulously unearthed. Equipped with a specialized excavation tool and a brush, this discovery journey becomes both educational and entertaining. Each kit comes complete with detailed instructions, fun corresponding dinosaur facts, and a unique “kidz quiz” featuring 10 intriguing dinosaur-related questions and answers. But that’s not all! This product is a part of the celebrated Dig-A-Dino series, boasting a total of seven diverse prehistoric creatures. Embark on this prehistoric adventure, gather them all, and curate your very own Jurassic realm!


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