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Earth-Moon Model Making Kit

13.99 tax included

Explore the universe with the Earth-Moon Model Making Kit:

  • Discover the relationship between Earth and the Moon
  • Ideal for children aged 8+
  • Glows in the dark for added excitement
  • Promotes scientific thinking and observation
  • Includes everything you need to create your own Earth-Moon model

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Embark on an astronomical journey with the Earth-Moon Model Making Kit! Designed to engage young minds in the fascinating world of space, this kit offers a hands-on experience to delve into the relationship between our planet and its satellite. It is a fantastic educational tool, suitable for both home and school environments.

Easily assemble and decorate your model to bring the cosmos right to your fingertips. One of the most exciting features is its ability to glow in the dark, adding an extra layer of intrigue and fun to your learning experience.

Ideal for children aged 8 and above, this kit encourages scientific thinking through observation and hands-on activity. Become an astronomer in your own right, as you paint and construct your very own Earth-Moon model and watch them illuminate the darkness with their glow.

Discover the secrets of the Moon, learn about its phases, lunar eclipses, and much more. The kit includes a detailed Earth model showcasing geographical reliefs, a Moon model, a stand with a rotating arm, paints, and a brush, as well as comprehensive instructions to guide you through the process.

4M’s range of educational toys and kits covers a broad spectrum of subjects, including science, arts and crafts, and robotics, all designed to stimulate, entertain, and educate young minds. Make learning fun with 4M!


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