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iRobot Pack ¨Coding with Sports¨ STEAM

49.99 tax included

Dive into coding with the “iRobot Pack: Coding with Sports” Adventure Pack. Engage with Root robot to practice football skills through immersive STEM activities.

  • Designed for iRobot Coding App and Root® Coding Robots.
  • Features 128x64cm foldable, reversible whiteboard mat.
  • Virtual activity mat for in-app use.
  • Digital access to themed STEAM activities.
  • Includes vinyl cling stickers for creative engagement.
  • Fosters coding and play in a soccer-themed learning environment.

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iRobot Pack “Coding with Sports” STEAM: Score Big with STEAM Learning!


🏆 Victory in Every Code Welcome to the iRobot Pack “Coding with Sports” STEAM – where athleticism meets intellect, fostering a dynamic and thrilling educational experience.

STEAM’s Sports Arena Combining Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics with the exhilarating world of sports. Get ready for a fast-paced learning spree that never runs out of steam.

🏀 Tip-Off to Learning Designed with precision and innovative flair, this pack lets learners dribble, pass, and shoot through coding challenges with a sporting twist.

Championship Creativity Design your own virtual stadiums, animate thrilling match sequences, or even program a winning touchdown dance. The playing field is wide open for imagination!

🏅 For Rookies and MVPs Alike Regardless of your STEAM proficiency or sports affinity, the pack offers a leveled playing field with challenges for every skill set.

📖 A Playbook Beyond Ordinary Our curriculum isn’t just about inputting codes; it’s about fostering teamwork, strategy, and the spirit of fair play – values integral to both coding and sports.

🏉 Expand Your Sporting Roster The excitement never ends! Add more sports modules to your lineup, ensuring the thrill of the game and joy of coding continue unabated.

🥋 Safety in Every Sprint While sports are about taking risks, we ensure every coding challenge is safe. Our top-of-the-line safety protocols guarantee risk-free, immersive learning.

🏊 Dive into the Sports Community Mingle with a community of coding enthusiasts, sports buffs, educators, and learners. Share your game-winning projects, exchange game plans, and cheer for every learning milestone.

🎁 Gift the Thrill of the Game Ignite a passion for sports and coding with the iRobot Pack “Coding with Sports” STEAM. More than just a toy, it’s a playbook of endless possibilities.


Game, Set, Match to STEAM! With the iRobot Pack, every coding challenge becomes a match point, every module a new season. Ready to champion the world of STEAM sports? Lace up and get coding! 🏆🏈🎾


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