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Matatalab “Musician” Add-on

44.99 tax included

Expand creative horizons with the “Musician” Add-on for Matatalab, empowering young learners to integrate coding with musical exploration.

  • Compatible with Matatalab coding kits.
  • Introduces music into coding activities for a multi-sensory experience.
  • Enables coding musical compositions and rhythms.
  • Enhances understanding of sequencing and patterns.
  • Encourages collaborative learning through group musical creations.
  • Promotes cross-disciplinary learning by combining coding and music concepts.

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Matatalab “Musician” Add-on


🎶 Unleash the Melodic Maestro Within! Introducing the Matatalab “Musician” Add-on – where the symphony of sound meets the science of coding. Dive into an experience that harmoniously combines the beauty of music with the logic of programming.



🎵 Coding to Compositions Transform coding commands into melodious tunes. With the “Musician” Add-on, each coding instruction isn’t just a command; it’s a note, a rhythm, a piece of the musical puzzle.

🎹 Explore the Spectrum of Sound Discover a wide range of instruments and their unique sounds. From the gentle strum of a guitar to the powerful beat of a drum, this add-on introduces a rich world of musical exploration.



🤖 Interactive Learning Experience As your programmed sequences run, watch and listen as the robot serenades with enchanting melodies. The satisfaction of seeing code translate to music is simply unparalleled.

🧠 Cognitive Development Boost The intersection of music and coding offers a powerful boost to a child’s cognitive abilities. Enhance logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and creativity, all while grooving to the beats.

🔧 Seamless Integration with Matatalab Set Effortlessly integrate the “Musician” Add-on with your existing Matatalab set. It’s designed to enhance, expand, and elevate the Matatalab experience.



Coding Meets Cadence with Matatalab “Musician” Add-on Venture into a realm where musical notes become coding challenges and melodies emerge from algorithms. The Matatalab “Musician” Add-on isn’t just an addition; it’s a transformational experience that brings rhythm to reason and melody to method. Let the coding concerts begin! 🎶🤖.



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