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Micro:Bit Smart City Kit

69.99 tax included

The “Micro:Bit Smart City Kit” is a comprehensive solution for building and exploring smart city applications using the Micro:Bit platform.

  • Comprehensive kit for building and exploring smart city applications
  • Compatible with the Micro:Bit platform
  • Includes various sensors, modules, and components for creating smart city projects
  • Enables monitoring and control of environmental factors, traffic, and energy consumption
  • Provides hands-on learning experience in coding, electronics, and IoT technology

Does not include microbit board.

Expect delivery within 2-5 business days after purchase


Introducing the Micro:Bit Smart City Kit: Shape the Future of Urban Living and Technology


Discover the potential of smart city technology and urban innovation with the Micro:Bit Smart City Kit. Designed for students and educators alike, this comprehensive kit teaches the fundamentals of smart city concepts while promoting hands-on learning and real-world problem-solving. Ideal for ages 11 and up, the Smart City Kit encourages the development of 21st-century skills and fosters an interest in urban planning and technology.


Features and Benefits of the Micro:Bit Smart City Kit


  1. Comprehensive components: The Smart City Kit includes a wide range of sensors, actuators, and modules, allowing students to explore various aspects of smart city technology and create innovative urban solutions.
  2. Micro:Bit integration: The kit is designed to work seamlessly with the popular Micro:Bit platform, providing an accessible and engaging learning experience for students of all skill levels.
  3. Real-world applications: Students can apply their knowledge of smart city concepts to real-world scenarios, such as optimizing transportation, improving energy efficiency, and enhancing public safety.
  4. STEM-focused curriculum: The kit’s curriculum combines Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics concepts, encouraging interdisciplinary learning and a deeper understanding of urban innovation.
  5. Hands-on learning: By engaging in hands-on projects, students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills, preparing them for future success in STEM fields.
  6. Customizable projects: The Micro:Bit Smart City Kit allows educators to adapt the projects and lessons to suit their students’ needs, providing a flexible and personalized learning experience.


Inspire Urban Innovation with the Micro:Bit Smart City Kit


The Micro:Bit Smart City Kit offers a unique opportunity for students to explore the world of smart city technology and urban planning. By providing hands-on learning experiences and real-world applications, this kit equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle the challenges of 21st-century urban living. Shape the future of urban technology and innovation with the Micro:Bit Smart City Kit.


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