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Green Science – Mini Solar Robot 3 in 1

15.99 tax included

Build and play with the 3-in-1 Solar Robot! Learn about solar energy and mechanics while having fun.

  • Build three different robots: a rope-climbing robot, a walking robot, and a racer.
  • Learn about renewable energy and how solar panels work.
  • Encourages STEM learning through hands-on building and experimentation.
  • No batteries required – the robot is powered by sunlight.
  • Suitable for children ages 8 and up.
  • Comes with detailed instructions and all the necessary parts for assembly.
  • Teaches problem-solving, fine motor skills, and critical thinking.
  • An affordable and fun way to introduce kids to the world of robotics and clean energy.

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Fun and Educational: 3 in 1 Solar Robot Kit


The 3 in 1 Solar Robot Kit is the perfect combination of fun and education for kids. With this kit, children can learn about solar energy while building and playing with their own robots.

This kit allows kids to build three different robots: a rope-climbing robot, a walking robot, and a racer. The kit includes everything needed to build each robot, including a solar panel that powers the robot.


Solar-Powered and Eco-Friendly


The 3 in 1 Solar Robot Kit is completely solar-powered, meaning it doesn’t require any batteries to operate. This makes it an eco-friendly toy that promotes renewable energy.


STEM Learning Made Easy


As kids build and play with the robots, they’ll also be learning valuable STEM skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and engineering. This kit is designed to make STEM learning easy and engaging for children.

The kit includes all the necessary parts and detailed instructions to make the assembly process simple and easy for kids. This allows children to have a fun and engaging learning experience while building their robots.


Once the robots are built, kids can have fun playing with them and exploring the different functions of each robot. The rope-climbing robot can climb up and down a rope, the walking robot moves on two legs, and the racer can move quickly across the ground.


Overall, the 3 in 1 Solar Robot Kit is an excellent toy for kids who love robots and want to learn more about renewable energy and STEM concepts.



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