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Motorised Barrier Gate KidzLabs

22.99 tax included

Build your own Motorised Barrier Gate with KidzLabs:

  • Robotic barrier to protect your space
  • Ideal for children aged 8+
  • Helical gear mechanism for movement
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Enhances STEM learning through play

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Discover the intriguing world of mechanical science with the Motorised Barrier Gate from KidzLabs! This fantastic DIY science gadget allows children to construct their very own robotic barrier to guard their room and keep intruders at bay.

Designed for kids aged 8 and up, the KidzLabs Motorised Barrier Gate is perfect for those who are starting to crave their own space and love to hang “Keep Out” signs on their doors. This kit provides a fun and educational experience, teaching the principles of mechanics and engineering in an engaging way.

How does it work? The motor features a helical gear that rotates a shaft, lifting or lowering the barrier arms A and B. The clever linkage mechanism raises the outer end of the barrier as the inner end descends, and vice versa. Note that two 1.5V AAA batteries are required for operation (not included).

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (and Art, when you add the letter A for STEAM). STEM toys are multi-purpose learning tools that encourage skill development in these disciplines in a fun way through play. These toys are crafted with an educational concept to sharpen children’s knowledge and can be an excellent way to foster your child’s natural curiosity and promote open-ended learning. Their entertaining yet educational qualities have made them increasingly popular among parents worldwide.

Don’t miss out on this amazing learning opportunity!


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