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Motorised Solar Sistem – GreenScience

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Explore the marvels of our solar system with the Motorised Solar System – GreenScience kit! Ideal for kids aged 5 and up, watch as the planets orbit around the sun using solar energy or a backup battery.

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Dive into the wonders of astronomy with the Motorised Solar System – GreenScience kit, a perfect blend of education and entertainment for children aged 5 and up. This meticulously crafted planetarium model demonstrates the fascinating movement of planets around the sun, capturing the young minds’ attention and sparking curiosity in space and celestial bodies.

Powered by solar energy, this kit emphasizes the importance of renewable energy sources, aligning with STEAM education principles. In cases of insufficient sunlight, a back-up battery option ensures the exploration never stops. With dimensions of approximately 21cm(L) x 6cm(W) x 28cm(H), it’s a perfect fit for any learning space, offering a hands-on experience in understanding the solar system’s mechanics.

The Motorised Solar System – GreenScience kit is not just a learning tool; it’s an adventure into space, bringing the cosmic dance of planets right into your home or classroom. Embrace the future of learning with this innovative and eco-friendly educational toy from 4M’s Green Science series.


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