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Night Sky Projection Kit

12.99 tax included

Transform your room into a cosmic getaway with the 4M Create a Night Sky Projection Kit. Marvel at the stars and learn constellations from the comfort of your home. Ideal for budding astronomers aged 3 and up.

  • Projects both Northern and Southern hemispheres
  • Includes 4.5-inch diameter star lamp
  • Features star charts for educational fun
  • Battery-free operation encourages eco-consciousness
  • Brand: 4M

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Journey through the cosmos without leaving your bedroom with the 4M Create a Night Sky Projection Kit. This enchanting astronomy tool is perfect for young space enthusiasts eager to explore the night sky. Assemble the projector with ease and cast a stunning replica of the stars above onto your walls and ceiling.

The kit comes with detailed star charts, so as the room illuminates with celestial bodies, children (and adults alike) can learn to identify constellations and understand their stories. The 4.5-inch diameter lamp provides a clear, bright projection of both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, making every night a starry adventure.

Educational and fun, this science kit is more than just a toy; it’s a gateway to understanding the universe. No batteries are required for operation, which means uninterrupted learning and fun, all while teaching the importance of a smaller carbon footprint.

Invite friends and family for an indoor star show, turning an ordinary evening into an extraordinary exploration of the night sky. It’s not only an educational experience but also a magical moment to share.

With the 4M Create a Night Sky Projection Kit, learning becomes an interactive experience. As part of 4M’s educational toys, this kit combines science, art, and environmental consciousness, ensuring that the joy of discovery is a hands-on, memorable adventure.

Recommended for curious minds aged 3 and up, this kit promises to challenge children’s imagination and introduce them to the wonders of the cosmos.


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