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Ozobot Puzzle Pack for Evo and Bit

55.99 tax included

The Ozobot Puzzle Pack offers an interactive and educational experience, seamlessly integrating with Evo and Bit robots.

  • Compatible with Ozobot Evo and Bit robots.
  • Features various puzzles and challenges for problem-solving and critical thinking.
  • Enhances coding skills through engaging gameplay.
  • Encourages collaboration and creativity in group activities.
  • Provides hands-on learning in coding and robotics concepts.
  • Ideal for educators seeking interactive STEAM activities for students.

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Ozobot Puzzle Pack for Evo and Bit: Unleash the Power of Puzzling Coding Adventures!


🧩 Mastering Coding, One Puzzle at a Time Dive into the world of coding with the Ozobot Puzzle Pack, uniquely crafted for both Evo and Bit. This set is more than just puzzles; it’s a gateway to understanding, experimenting, and mastering the fundamentals of programming.

🤖 Designed for Double the Fun! Whether you own an Evo or a Bit, this Puzzle Pack ensures that no robot feels left out. Harness the full capabilities of your Ozobot as you navigate through challenging coding terrains.

💡 Light Up Your Logic and Creativity Each puzzle piece offers a unique challenge, urging young coders to think outside the box. As they piece the puzzles together, they’re not just connecting shapes; they’re weaving intricate coding patterns and lighting up their logical thinking.

🎓 Educational and Entertaining The Ozobot Puzzle Pack seamlessly blends the fun of solving puzzles with the educational aspect of coding. Kids won’t just be entertained; they’ll be enlightened.

🌀 Expandable Play Beyond the set puzzles, this pack allows for imaginative play. Mix and match the pieces, invent new challenges, and explore endless coding possibilities. The limits? Only your imagination!

🌏 Fostering Global Competencies In an ever-evolving digital world, coding has become a universal language. With the Puzzle Pack, kids are not just playing; they’re preparing for a future where digital literacy is paramount.


More than Just Puzzles The Ozobot Puzzle Pack for Evo and Bit offers a mesmerizing blend of hands-on interaction, cognitive challenge, and coding fun. It’s not just about solving puzzles; it’s about paving the way for future innovators. Dive in and decode the future! 🧩🤖💡.



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