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Sphero Specdrums Ring

89.99 tax included

The Sphero Specdrums Ring transforms colors into music through touch or scanning, enabling creative and interactive musical experiences.

  • Wearable ring that turns colors into music.
  • Tap or scan colored surfaces to create sounds.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to devices for customization.
  • Encourages creativity and music exploration.
  • Ideal for interactive learning and artistic expression.

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Discover the Sphero Specdrums Ring: Where Music Meets Motion!


🎶 Unleash the Power of Rhythm Step into an innovative world where you can turn colors into music! With the Sphero Specdrums Ring, every hue becomes a unique sound, giving you the power to create a symphony from your surroundings.

💍 Elegantly Designed, Highly Responsive Sleek and stylish, the Specdrums Ring isn’t just about looks. Its precise sensors effortlessly detect colors, translating them into sounds in real-time for an immersive experience.

🌈 A Palette of Possibilities Use the Specdrums app to explore a spectrum of instruments. Whether you tap on a poster, your shirt, or even a colorful fruit, each color brings its own sound, expanding your musical world.

🎓 Educational & Engaging Turn lessons into interactive musical sessions. Teach children about colors, rhythm, and coordination in a fun and interactive way, bridging the gap between learning and play.

🌐 Connect & Collaborate Sync multiple rings together for a group jam session! Whether in a classroom or with friends, collaborative music creation has never been this accessible and exciting.

💡 Customizable & Personal Use the app to customize your instrument palette. From drums to synths, choose your preferred sounds and personalize your musical experiences.

🔋 Long-Lasting Playtime Designed for prolonged use, the Sphero Specdrums Ring boasts an impressive battery life, ensuring your musical adventures go uninterrupted.

🎁 A Perfect Gift For budding musicians, tech enthusiasts, or just about anyone with a creative streak, the Specdrums Ring is an ideal gift that promises endless hours of fun and exploration.


The Sphero Specdrums Ring is more than just a tech accessory; it’s a gateway to a world where music is everywhere, waiting to be discovered. Dive into this sensory journey and redefine the way you see, hear, and interact with the world around you. Let your fingers dance to the rhythm of imagination!



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