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Volcano Making Kit

10.99 tax included

Create and erupt your own volcano with the 4M Volcano Making Kit! Ideal for kids 8+, this kit combines science and fun, offering a fantastic educational experience and a great desktop decoration.

Full detailed instructions included.

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Create a mesmerizing volcanic eruption right at your desk with the Volcano Making Kit from 4M! Designed for budding geologists and curious minds aged 8 and up, this kit provides a hands-on, educational experience that’s as fun as it is informative. With a solid volcano standing 9.5 cm tall, you have the opportunity to paint, decorate, and bring this geological wonder to life. Watch in awe as you create bubbling lava eruptions, astonishing both friends and family alike. This kit is not just a fantastic science project; it doubles as a cool desktop decoration, adding an eruptive touch to your personal space. The Volcano Making Kit includes quick-drying plaster, a volcano mold, paint, a paintbrush, and a stirring rod. Everything you need to create your very own volcanic eruption, minus the vinegar and baking soda required for the eruption (not included). Detailed instructions for use and care are provided, ensuring a safe and exciting volcanic adventure.


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