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Weather Station Kit – GreenScience

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Discover meteorology with the Weather Station – Green Science kit. Record weather conditions, create a terrarium and learn about the greenhouse effect. Ideal for ages 8+, it’s a fun, educational journey into the world of weather.

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Embark on an educational adventure and become a junior meteorologist with the Weather Station – Green Science kit. This multifunctional weather station is packed with tools to observe, record, and understand the weather conditions around your home. The kit includes a full set of essential instruments: a functional wind vane, an anemometer, a thermometer, and a rain gauge. But the learning doesn’t stop there! Take your scientific exploration a step further by creating your very own terrarium using a recycled soda bottle, delving into the effects of the greenhouse effect on plant life. This engaging kit is perfect for encouraging an interest in meteorology and environmental science, offering hands-on experience in monitoring and understanding weather patterns. Once fully assembled, the weather station measures 8.5 inches by 4.75-inches, fitting perfectly on a desktop or bookshelf. Ideal for curious minds aged 8 and up, this kit challenges and expands young imaginations, providing a foundation of knowledge in the fascinating world of weather. Choose 4M for educational toys that inspire and nurture.


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